2 Bad Reasons for Joining the Military

People join the military for the experience, the education benefits, housing benefits, healthcare and other benefits. If your reasons are different than those, you should examine them before you decide to enlist.

1. If you want to bully people. The military is not a place where the strong get to prey up on the weak. You don’t go into foreign countries to dominate people, and it doesn’t give you the right to lord your military status over civilians in the United States or anywhere. While it can certainly be a status symbol to be a soldier, and you deserve admiration and respect, you will be expected to respect and honor others as part of your military service.


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2. If you think you’re not capable of holding down a “regular” job or doing anything else with your life, the military may not be the place for you. Examine the reasons you think you can’t succeed in civilian life. Will those same drawbacks keep you from succeeding in the military? Don’t believe movies like Stripes and others that show people who only want to sit around all day joining the military and then saving the world. You have to be committed to it.

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I think the military is a fine career for anyone. I am sorry that there
are some people who want to downsize it. I am sorry that I wasn’t prepare
for a career in military when I was younger. Now, the military doesn’t want
me. Best of luck! to all who serve.

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