3 Reasons to Join the Army

1. By joining the Army, you have a unique opportunity to get the best education possible. The GI Bill and other benefits you’ll get from joining the Army will make sure that your education is covered. You can get an education while you’re in the army. And these benefits will help pay for your continued education once you leave active service. The educational benefits are one of the top reasons people enlist. Get your free information about joining the Army here today and find out why.

2. Joining the Army gives you a lifetime healthcare plan. While you’re in the service, you’ll get the top notch healthcare that all our servicemen and women receive. But once you leave active duty, you keep your health benefits. Unlike a civilian job where you lose your insurance when you leave, your healthcare benefits last your lifetime.

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3. Joining the Army helps pay for your housing costs. You can stay on a base and eliminate the expense altogether. Or you can live off-base and get a monthly allowance from the Army to help pay for your housing costs. Request your free information today and find out more reasons the Army is a great idea.




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If we get haalthcare, why are people fighting for it?
VA won’t pay benefits to Marine whose injuries came from vaccine

people should be aware these options mentioned here are ONLY for active duty and generally must be service related. My WWII combat vet grandfather is unable to get nursing home care in his area. Benefits are not cut and dry.

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