Become Part of the Tradition of Marine Corps Excellence

When you join the United States Marine Corps, you are joining one of the branches of the military with a distinguished history. This branch of the military was established in 1775 by the Continental Congress. Every war America has been involved in since the Marines were founded has utilized the services of this highly skilled organization. This is why the Marine Corps is the first choice for many people thinking about a career in the Armed Forces. The more you learn, the more you will be inclined to agree.

“Last to Leave the Ship”
This is a tradition which was started in 1865. It states that a Marine will stand by along with the ship’s Captain until all crew and officers have evacuated the ship. Only at this time is it appropriate to turn the ship over to the Navy Yard. This assures that order is maintained no matter what the situation may be. Even in situations where a ship is being abandoned, the Marine will go down with the ship if necessary before giving up his post.

“First to Fight”
This is a slogan which the Marines have held dear to their hearts ever since it was first introduced during World War I. The slogan signifies the training a Marine must go through in order to be the first force an enemy will face. They make the way for those who will follow them and diminish the fighting force of the enemy to win the battle.

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“First on Foot, and Right of the Line”
In 1876, the Secretary of the Navy bestowed an honor upon the Marines giving them the right to be at the head of the column and right line in any Naval formation. This is an honor which stands to this day.




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