Know the 5 Top Military Veteran Careers Five Years Ago

Curious to know what were the top military careers five years ago? More importantly, if they’re still top veteran jobs, perhaps they deserve a harder look today. Though many employers are eager to hire prior military for their experience and dedication, some military careers have been ranked as top jobs for former military throughout the country. These five military careers were listed based on salary, job growth, ease of transition and an economic stability rating:

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1. Operations or Intelligence AnalystsSolves operational problems by collecting and analyzing data. Your security clearance is a plus with a defense contractor. Evaluate and augment field practices to maximize efficiency within a project.

2. Network Systems Manager Development, installation and modification of operating systems. You may also oversee network security and telecommunications. This type of manager may also develop and implement operating procedures to maximize efficiency and ensure future growth.

3. Field Service Engineer Installation, repair and maintenance of equipment. You may also be best suited to train others in your field.

4. Operations Manager LogisticsYou will negotiate with customers and suppliers and monitor the cost, efficiency and quality of movement of goods from one location to the next. You understand the supply chain and the procedures that it entails.

5. Senior Training/Training ManagerYour experience with leading others and value of the chain-of-command makes you an excellent fit for this position. You may analyze objectives and initiatives of an organization. You may write training guides and procedures for certain or all aspects of the company.




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