Navy Submarine Electronics Technician

The Navy has many interesting job fields for enlistment. One of the more technical ones is the Navy Submarine Electronics and Computer Field. They are experts trained in sonar, digital systems, computers, combat submarine control, and navigation. A person who volunteers and is selected for this job rating will receive training in fiber optics, digital electronic systems, computer and computer servers, and many other electronics areas.

Standards for people interested in this job rating selection are very high. So is the competition for the jobs. This is one of the jobs that you can obtain in the military that the knowledge and proficiency of Math, science, and technical fields of electronics and computers is necessary. A likely candidate will be one that his mature, able to shoulder and handle stress well, have a demonstrated ability to be responsible, and willing to work very hard.

There are three different areas in the Submarine Electronics Technician area:
Electronics Technician, or ET.
Sonar Technician, or STS.
Fire Control Technician, or FT.

These three job designations work in one of four different areas, Combat Systems, Navigation, Communication, and underwater acoustic technologies (basically- Sonar). All three ratings/and four specialties are very heavy into science and math, with required electronics and computer knowledge very helpful.

The specific specialty is decided at Submarine Basic Enlisted School. The candidate for this rating will have normal vision, normal speech and normal hearing. Depth perception and color perception must also fall within normal areas. The ASVAB combined AR, MK , EI, and GS score will be 222 or above. An enlisted candidate for this job must be able to receive a TOP-secret security clearance. Choosing this job also means you agree to serve sixty months or five years upon graduation of Submarine Basic enlisted School.

No history of drug abuse is allowed. An enlisted candidate must volunteer for submarine duty. Crimes or offenses involving moral turpitude are generally disqualifying. Only very minor traffic offenses are allowed on a persons record. A candidate must be able to type forty words a minute. Training normally includes a Class A school course in Croton, CT. The length of class A school is Four Months, or about one hundred twenty four days. The working environment expected is aboard submarines, in a climate controlled, clean indoor atmosphere. There are times when the work environment is in a dirty shop like environment, but not most of the time.




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