Why the Military Wants You

There are certain values and characteristics that the US Military hopes to embody in the service: Honor, integrity, commitment, courage and moral character to name just a few. Beyond being able to pass an ASVAB, boot camp and shoot a weapon, the US Armed Forces is a testament to some of the great personal courage that this country was founded on. Here is why the US Military wants you:

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You possess the commitment required to join the service. You show dedication to your country and your service and follow rigid training and direction designed for individual and team growth.

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You desire to learn new skills and constantly strive to grow and excel in your personal and professional life.

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You realize the importance that a job in the armed forces entails. You appreciate the job security, benefits and honor that military service offers. In addition to pursuing your education and securing a lifelong career, you relish the ability to serve your country.

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These are just some of the reasons that the US Military Wants you. Check out some of the information here to see which branch will be honored by your service.




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It great to get to know this site.I’ll love to be a part and parcel of the US Army beacuse it has been my favorite army from childhood.I will love to give 5years in service to the USA Army.I’m A Gambian from Gambia West Africa and wold like to know how to go about been recruited into the US navy.Its my pleasure to serve if given the opportunity.
Get back to me the soonest Sir.

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