The Military Cares for Your Family As Well

The United States Military offers many benefits that extend to your family in addition to the benefits you receive while serving your country. Here is a summary of the benefits you and your family can receive:

Insurance – while serving with the United States military, you receive medical and dental benefits. Additional insurance for your spouse and children may also be purchased for little to no cost to you. Life insurance can also be purchased very inexpensively.

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Education Benefits – The Military offers the Montgomery GI Bill, the Post 9/11 GI Bill and tuition assistance that may cover the cost of certification in certain special fields. In certain circumstances, the GI bill may be transferred to immediate family if not utilized by the servicemember.

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Financial Perks – You and your family receive access to shopping at the Exchange and Commissary. Also, many companies will reward you with additional military discounts for everything from dining to vacations. There are also special shopping clubs for military families and price matching on some items.

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These are just a handful of perks awaiting you and your family in the US Military. Check out any additional information on this page to see what other benefits the military has to offer you.




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