Cruise Ship Hints For Servicemembers

Ever been on a Cruise Ship? If you have, then you know about how it can be a wonderful experience. It also can have its nightmarish moments, if you are stuck near people who think that their Cruise experience is permission to be rude, crude and loud.

Most times, just as the general public wants to get away, our Servicemembers are looking to relax, and not have to worry about the small things. So, if you are planning to take a cruise, here are some common sense things to keep in mind. Lets not be known as the Ugly American on your upcoming Cruise, but rather remembered for the easygoing manner and grace that also can be some of our better moments:

Don’t Expect Things To Be Perfect. Todays ocean cruises are the greatest in ease and convenience, but when you have three or four thousand people on a boat, there will be the occasional glitch. If things get really bad, you are able to get satisfaction from the Cruise Line. But short of a large calamity, roll with it. You will find that even the little things wont bother you if you start out with a positive attitude and are determined to have fun.

Noise Pollution. It is not necessary to make a lot of noise, and if you are considerate, especially late at night, then you will find that others will be too. Give some thought to your fellow passengers, and if things are especially noisy, then look for positive ways to solve it. Complaining to the steward does work, but sometimes there are lesser, more creative ways to complain.

Exercise. A cruise is supposed to be fun. Get out and walk the ship. You will have more fun, and find more little things to enjoy. Many cruise ships are decked out lavishly, some with exotic woods and fairly impressive architecture, but if you only see hallways and elevators, you might miss most of it. Besides, walking around and exploring is one way to relax, and many times find areas of the ship quiet, and to yourself.

Be Discrete. No one likes a showboat. While you may be very proud of your Rolex watch, or your twelve-carat diamond ring, have a little humility. Some people save for a while to afford their Cruise Vacation, and it might just burst their bubble to have them realize that hey, its back to tater tots and Mac and cheese when they get home. So let them live their dream, remember to be a little humble. Besides, if you flash around your jewelry, or cash you are saying to those less than reputable: Sucker HERE, please come rob me?




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