Vacation Travel Issues To Remember

Sometimes we get so busy planning our vacation we forget to take one. Has that ever happened to you? As a Servicemember you likely have a lot of things that you work on, and are responsible for. You maybe are one of the people that are responsible for planning in an area of your job or MOS. Well does your vacation resemble a military campaign? If so, then there are some areas that you can take a look at, and consider before you take your next vacation:

Take the Bus. Like the ad says, leave the driving to us. Taking the bus may seem pre historic to some, but think about it: You can sit and stare out the window, read, listen to tunes, or even have a conversation with your family. Many times we in the military wind up renting a vehicle if we fly to our vacation location, so why not consider taking a bus? Even if its just one leg of your trip, it’s a roadway slow boat, if that makes sense. Plus, you arrive less stressed letting the bus driver do all the work.

Don’t Overpack. It’s not a permanent thing, it’s a vacation. So, if you watch as your wife puts the ninth pair of shoes in the suitcase, its time for an intervention! Or, if you are tempted to put in the 2nd pair of golf clubs, and you are the only golfer, its time for a reality checks. Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes for the trip, and pack the good ones for dress up. Taking a second pair of comfort shoes may even be a good idea, but as a rule, unless you are leaving for more than thirty days, most people don’t need more than three pairs on most vacations. Take a Suit. Sure its vacation, and you are there to relax. But its fun at times, even if its just to the restaurant at the resort, to dress to the nines, and strut your stuff. There are always times you can order in, or use room service, but having a nice set of clothes to dress up in will make you feel confident.

Photos. Make sure you have an inexpensive but good quality digital camera. A lot of times you will be at someplace where you can either download your photos, or email them home. This saves the expense of buying a lot of digital storage SIMMs or cards. Tips. If you receive excellent service, make sure you leave a generous tip. Many times the money that workers make at a resort destination is not so hot, so if you are blessed with exceptional service, say it with some Jackson’s. Or at least a Washington or two?




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