Turning Your Military Career into a Law Enforcement Career

Former military personnel have an advantage when applying for work within the civilian work force. The military offers very structured, detailed and organized training in every aspect of your job in the US Military. This training is especially attractive should you decide to pursue a career in law enforcement in the civilian world.

The FBI, CIA and ATF are some of the federal agencies that want what you have to offer. Your military training applies perfectly to positions within those law enforcement agencies, both mentally and physically. You have an additional edge if you used several of the military educational assistance programs to pursue your bachelor’s degree while in the service. Those who have served in the US Armed Forces are highly viable for police jobs and law enforcement. They rarely need additional training and often easily meet the requirement criteria. In addition to federal agencies, you may also find law enforcement work at the state and local levels.

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If you were a military police officer, you will find the transition incredibly fluid. If you wonder about what career you would like to pursue once your military career is over, this may be one of the most personally rewarding and easy transitions into a civilian career.




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