Troops to Teachers Education Programs

There are a lot of different educational programs that are available to Servicemembers. Some are programs to help them while in the active duty military; others are for after they complete their military career. One program that has become fairly popular in the last several years is the Troops to Teachers program. It is a program offered jointly by the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Education, to assist in training prior service Veterans to become schoolteachers. It has been a successful and good program, one that benefits both the Servicemembers who seek an education career after their military service, and the individual school districts that employ them.

The Troops for Teachers program is for Veterans, and other members and retirees who are part of reserve or active components, who wish to begin new careers as public or private school teachers. The overall program provides financial help, referral and information to individuals seeking employment and certification as teachers. Many of the job skills and experience that is gained with Active duty and reserve service is directly applicable to becoming a teacher. This type of real life experience prepares a person for teaching in ways that many people never experience.

Many states provide matching funds, or other financial assistance to Servicemembers who seek to become a teacher under this program. By participating in the program, the DoD and Education department tries to match up the job skills and training of the Servicemember, with school districts badly in need of teachers. The Servicemember can at times find employment swiftly and then take classes to complete a teaching degree, or in other situations one can get college training first, and then find a job teaching.

At times there is a bonus for Servicemembers who are willing to teach in areas of great need. Some school districts are in such serious need of teachers that it literally puts a bonus on people who participate in the Troops for Teacher program who come teach for them. Federal laws and legislation give up to five thousand dollars also to a Servicemember to help defray the cost of their education and teacher training.

While starting teaching immediately is not always the case, it sometimes is a possibility. Schools nationwide have the ability in some situations to give an emergency permit, or emergency licensure to people wishing to teach, if they cannot fill the job with a currently licensed teacher.




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