Logistics Landing Support Specialist

The military survives on the ability to move equipment, men and supplies quickly from one place to another. The main responsibility to do this in the Marine Corps falls on the shoulder of the Logistics Support Specialist. Logistics is the art, or the science of maintenance of forces by planning and carrying out movement. Movement of cargo, equipment, supplies and men are the job of the Marine Corps Logistics specialist.

It includes the development, storage, design, acquisition, distribution, evacuation, maintenance, and disposition of material. It also can include the evacuation, movement and even hospitalization of personnel. Other duties of the Military Logistics support specialist include construction, acquisition, disposition or furnishing of various facilities. In the Marine Corps, enlisted Logistics Landing Support specialists also provide combat and logistics support for embarking, landing, trip support, and air delivery of cargo, men, equipment or supplies.

Primary MOS designations within this job area include:
-Logistics Combat Service Support.
-Combat logistics Support.
-Air Logistics Delivery Support.
-Landing Combat logistical support.
-Logistical Maintenance Management support

Performing Logistics Landing support is a varied and interesting field. A Logistical support candidate can expect to perform duties related to.

-Control of transportation, arrival and management of cargo at designated sites.
-Establishment of delivery zones on beaches, and other mission specific sites.
-Management of ports (sea and land) and terminals (truck, rail, and container)

Being a Logistics support specialist in the Marine Corps means that you will have access to a lot of different experiences. You can be tasked to a small unit, or work on a large base. The variety of duty will be one thing that allows you to perform various duties at locations potentially around the world.

If senior enlisted, then as a staff NCO you will be involved in specific troop landing, supplies management, and help conduct various planning and training operations. Senior enlisted Logistics Support Specialists act as site embarkation officers, assisting in the safe and effective delivery of materials, men and equipment and supplies at an initial delivery site.

As a Logistics and Landing Support specialist in the Marine Corps, you will complete basic training just as every other enlisted Marine. Then you will attend advanced training at the Basic Landing Support School, at Camp Lejeune, NC. Upon successful graduation from the Logistics Support School, you will be assigned a billet at a Marine unit. You literally could be called to serve anywhere in the world that Marines are stationed.




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