The Air Force Amazing Special Forces Jobs

There are Air Force jobs in special forces. These selected jobs in the Air Force are for highly selected, well-trained young men and women. Air Force Special Operations Command was established May 22, 1990.

AFSOC’s mission is “America’s specialized air power, a step ahead in a changing world, delivering special operations combat power anytime, anywhere.” The command is committed to continual improvement to provide Air Force special operations forces for worldwide deployment and assignment to regional unified commands to accomplish the following special operations activities: unconventional warfare, counter-proliferation, direct action, psychological operations, special reconnaissance, civil affairs, combating terrorism, foreign internal defense, and information operations.

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Air Force special operations forces perform special reconnaissance jobs, psychological operations and unconventional warfare in hot spots around the world. Using high tech surveillance equipment, modified aircraft and weapons straight out of a futuristic film, they participate in military operations such as Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Middle East, Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, and in humanitarian missions such as Operation Provide Promise, a relief effort in the Balkans.

AFSOC has approximately 12,500 active duty jobs, Reserve, Air National Guard and civilian professionals, with over 20 percent stationed overseas. The command has more than 160 fixed and rotary wing aircraft assigned.

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