Army Support And Assistance Benefits

Enlisting in the Army has some different benefits that you may not have heard of. Today’s Army is more focused on the soldier as a unit, a unit that includes his or her family. The traditional benefits of military pay and allowances are well known. But some of the other support services and benefits available to those who are in the Army are also valuable. A great many of these services are at discount prices, or free for those in the Army. Some of these services include: Legal Assistance, Deployment services, Money Management counseling services, Relocation assistance, Family Advocacy and counseling services, Youth and Child services, and Army welfare, morale, and recreation programs.

Relocation Assistance. There are a number of programs to help soldiers that either needs to relocate because of a change of duty, or have to relocate for other reasons. Soldiers use this assistance to help adapt and adjust to new tour cycles and transfers, as well as other relocation issues. The Army supports and helps maintain a web bases Internet site for information and referral in Relocation issues. The site is the Standard Information Topics Exchange. This site, referred to by its acronym SITES, is a place where soldiers can look at different bases around the world, and see information, services, programs, maps, floor plans, as well at photos and other information.

Family Advocacy. The Army recognizes that support of parents is crucial to having its soldiers prepared and able to function at peak efficiency. There is a variety of Army assistance for families, from abuse prevention and counseling, assistance for special needs family members, classes, workshops, and new parent support groups. More information is available from your base chaplain or health facility.

Money Counseling. Part of a Soldier being at one hundred percent is having a soldier secure in their own personal life. Financial counseling and financial assistance is a large part of the attempt to help soldiers be fiscally sound. Having peace of mind and security is important for anyone, and the Army’s efforts to help with financial matters have helps a great number of soldiers prevent financial ruin and get back on track. Using the assistance and services available can help a soldier get back on track, eliminate debt and become a wise financial manager of their own resources.

Legal Assistance. When you think legal assistance you immediately think of being a defendant in a criminal or civil proceeding. But there are quite a few other services that an Army Servicemember is eligible for. Assistance with wills, deeds, contracts, as well as help with taxes and other legal methods are available to enlisted Army personnel, free of charge.




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