Benefits To Army Careers To Many To Ignore

The Army is one of the best places to be as far as benefits besides money.  As a military member, in the United States Army, you have a number of benefits that are quite hard to duplicate on the civilian front. The US Army recognizes the importance of taking care of its people, and so they have a number of benefits that come standard with becoming an enlisted Army person. Several of the benefits are tax free, and this is an added bonus.

Generous Leave. 

How many jobs do you know that, at the end of your first year you receive four weeks off?  With pay?  Well as an Army Enlisted Servicemember, you will receive thirty days paid vacation every year. This means you can literally take a month off, and travel to wheverever you want, and still have your pay and benefits.  This is just something that is not easy to find in the civilian world, and it comes with each and every enlistment.  After Basic training and advanced school, most of the times you have national holidays and weekends off. This is sometimes not true; it depends largely on your duty responsibilities and watch schedule.  A Servicemember is also allows sick time as necessary.

Of course, Servicemembers who are deployed to an active duty war zone, such as Kuwait, Afghanistan or Iraq do not have weekends or holidays off, but they do have the advantage of combat pay, which helps to partly offset this loss.

Health Care. 

Serving as an enlisted Servicemember in the Army gives you automatic health coverage for you and your dependents.  The coverage is with a HMO style health plan, and it provides both dental and medical coverage to you at little or no cost to the Servicemember.


Most Servicemembers and families are served under the TRICARE program, and they receive treatment at their local Military Treatment Facility.  Families and Servicemembers are assigned a primary care person, or manager, and they supervise and direct the high quality care received.  The Army has invested millions of dollars in the past fifteen years to upgrade and bring their facilities to state of the art readiness.  Additionally there is a network of in network or considered preferred providers, which supplement services, not provided at the Military Treatment facilities.  Soldiers who serve overseas and families receive quality care from the source in their area tasked to provide TRICARE plan services.

In addition there are a number of educational programs available for people in the Army.  They can help pay for college, and pay for existing student debts.




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This is an amazing article!

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I had no idea there were so many benefits!!

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