Educational Army Benefits

There are many general type benefits available when you enlist in the United States Army.  You can receive educational benefits.  The Montgomery GI bill, and the Army College Fund can help you pay for your college education.  The type and amount of benefits available to a young person under the Army College fund varies, it depends on the job that you are chosen for, or select, and the amount of time that you enlist for. Depending on these factors, you can receive up to seventy four thousand dollars to help pay for your college career.  All that is required of you is to contribute one hundred dollars a month during your first year of service.  If you participate in the Army college fund, then the fund is combined with any Montgomery GI bill funds you are eligible for. There are funds available also if you choose the Army Reserve.  The Reserves offer a variety of the Montgomery GI bill. These funds are designed to assist reservists to pursue a college education.  You can receive up to eleven thousand four hundred twelve dollars under the MGIB. In addition there are certain jobs that are in high demand.  These jobs allow an additional amount to be paid, as a bonus, because they are critical jobs necessary to the Army mission, or are especially hard to find qualified candidates for these jobs.  If you qualify for one of these jobs, you can earn an additional sum, called a MGIB “Kicker”. ROTC Opportunities.  If you are determined to attend college, one of the things you can avail your self of is the opportunity with the Reserve Officers Training Corps.  This is a prime source of trained candidates for the Army, and there is a lot of different financial incentive and educational fund programs that can help provide money to attend college.  They offer ROTC scholarships, for various terms.  All that is required is that you agree to serve as an Army Officer after your graduation for a set amount of time.  This is really good for someone that would like to broaden their horizons and gain both new skills and experiences. There are various scholarships for people involved in ROTC.  There is even a nursing scholarship. The scholarships themselves tend to be very lucrative, with full tuition, books, and even sometimes a small monthly stipend. The Army offers programs to help you pay off your student loans.  You can earn up to sixty five thousand dollars toward your college loans for enlisting in the Army for at least three years.  If you choose the Army Reserve, then you can earn up to twenty thousand toward your student loan repayment for enlisting in the Army Reserves for three or more years.




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