Jobs In The Marines Not For Just Anyone

Here are some basic facts about jobs in the Marines. First, to be interested in US Marine jobs, you need to be tough. No easy way to say this, but you need a strong work ethic and a healthy dose of ‘grit’.

Sure, the United States Marine Corps wants you to join but if you’re not willing to sacrifice to be strong, one of the best or for your country… then you may want to consider a career elsewhere. One thing is for sure, if you join the Marines, you will likely be in the best physical condition in your life by the time you finish Marines basic training. However, The Corps does have some basic requirements before joining.

– Men and women between the ages of 17 and 29 who are working toward, or have earned, a high school diploma may qualify to enlist in the Marines.

– The Marine Corps requires a minimum ASVAB score of 32 to enlist.

– For a GED enlistment in the Marines, an applicant must score a minimum of 50 on the ASVAB (read the ‘Truth about the ASVAB’ here), but your chances will be much better with at least a 90.

– The Marine Corps is the only service which requires a waiver if you admit to any history of marijuana use.

– The Marine Corps generally approves a higher rate of criminal history waivers.

You are just a click away from more information about joining the United States Marine Corps..

– The Marine Corps is such a “physically intense service,” fewer medical waivers are generally approved.

-Prior Service non-Marines must attend the full Marine Corps basic training.

If you have what it takes to be a US Marine, then call up your local Marine recruiter. There are few military jobs that are as rewarding as being a US Marine.




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