Coast Guard Career – Health Services Technician

The United States Coast Guard has many different positions for those looking to work in a medical field. One of the careers you can follow to accomplish this is health services technician. The duties you will perform include the following:
– Performing diagnostic testing – Administering immunizations – Assisting medical and dental officers – Performing minor surgical procedures – Direct medical care for personnel and families – Prescribing medication – X-Rays and clinical lab tests
In order to learn the techniques and skills you will need to succeed in your career, you will need intense training. This will be accomplished at the Health Services ‘A’ School at Petaluma, CA. You will receive training in patient examination, physiology, anatomy, treatment, evaluation and pharmacology. The training period will last 13 weeks after which you will be assigned to a unit with a good sized clinic. You will continue to learn as you work.

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Becoming a Health Service Technician requires certain things from an applicant. You must possess certain abilities like being able to work in close proximity to others, have an attention to detail, and a desire to help those in need of dental and medical attention. You will also have to meet the minimum ASVAB score required. It is helpful if you have any experience in the medical or dental field. Those who possess practical knowledge of physiology, hygiene, chemistry and biology will be given stronger consideration.




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