Become a Warrant Officer in the US Army

The United States Army offers highly specialized careers including working as a Warrant Officer. The duties of the Warrant officer include managing, maintaining, operating and administering the support activities, equipment or technical systems in the Army. The expertise of the warrant officer is increased over the years of service in one field through education and experience.
Even though the Army Warrant Officer Corps makes up less than three percent of the Army, their services make it possible for the rest of the soldiers to effectively perform their duties. Only the best and the brightest will be selected to train in this highly specialized career path. As the systems used in battle become more and more technical, it is important that the skill of those maintaining the equipment increase. This is why there are less than 25,000 men and women working as Warrant Officers in the Army.

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In order to be chosen for the Warrant Officer Candidate School, you will have to meet certain physical criteria. Those who are selected and pass through the training program earn the grade of Warrant Officer One. The President is responsible for the commission of those who obtain the grade of Chief Warrant Officer two or higher.
There are many different benefits which are associates with becoming an Army Warrant Officer. These benefits include increased pay, worldwide leadership assignments and extended career opportunities. Get the information you need to get started today!




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