You’ll Be Shock To What to Expect At Army Boot Camp

You’re in the Army now. Welcome to Army Boot Camp. This will last for nine weeks. There are several Army bases in which boot camp is held: Fort Jackson in South Carolina, Fort Knox is Kentucky, Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri and Fort Still in Oklahoma.

Basic Training is divided into three phases: Phase 1 which is the red phase, Phase 2 is the white phase and Phase 3 is the blue phase.

After your arrival and registration processing, you will have your PT (physical training) test done. For males, this means 13 push-ups, 17 sit-ups and a one-mile run in under 8 ½ minutes. For females, you need to do 3 push-ups, 17 sit-ups and a one mile run in under 10 ½ minutes. Then to Phase 1.

Phase 1 runs for 3 weeks. This is where you meet your drill instructor. During this phase, there will be a lot of physical training and you will be introduced to the M-16 rifle. You will learn how to hold and clean your rifle. Your days begin at 0430 and end at 2100.

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Now it is on to Phase 2. This phase is where you will learn to fire your rifle on different shooting ranges. You will also practice throwing grenades and using bayonets. You will also be introduced to anti-tank and other weapons. You will be running a combat obstacle course as you carry your rifle.

Phase 3 is a very challenging part of boot camp. You are now past the 6-week mark. This is when you will take your final PT test. You will learn the basics of camping: setting up a tent, perform night ops and patrols and dine on MREs(Meal ready to eat). No, During the second half of phase 3, you will tie in everything you have learned. Your final test combines all your training skills with a special tactical field exercise. After successful completion of this field event, you are an Army soldier.




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