Educational Vocational Rehab Funds

Many Veterans are eligible for funding from the Vocational Rehabilitation division of the Veterans Administration. Any veterans who served in the Armed Forces after 1940 who has an employment handicap, or a VA disability rating, or both, is eligible for assistance.  Funds from the Vocational Rehabilitation Division can be put toward education or vocational training, or other job related services. The GI bill, chapter thirty-one, covers funding for this type of endeavor. There are services available for qualified veterans that include but are not limited to: -Training. -Education. -Job Placement. -Counseling and Training services. If you are qualified to receive Vocational Rehabilitation and Education benefits you will be assigned a counselor to help you figure out the best course of action.  Your counselor will help you to: -Identify any physical demands. -Explore and investigate any possible training or educational opportunities. -Narrow your choices of education to those best fitting your job skills. -Look for and identify all viable and possible employment options. -Develop an educational and vocational plan just for you. The vocational law provides for a period of eligibility of twelve years that starts on the latter of one of the following dates: The Date of active duty separation from the service, or the date you were notified of a disability service connected rating. After determining you are qualified for Vocational Rehabilitation, you can qualify for a maximum of forty-eight months of services.  You can qualify for subsistence payments while you are attending school, or attending vocational training through Vocational Rehabilitation.  If you qualify for a subsistence payment you could be allowed up to seven hundred fourteen dollars a month, and it is paid for any month that you are full time in training or in school.  Also factors in the amount you receive are the amount of dependents you have, and the type of school and training you participate in. A plan will be written for you, by your vocational counselor.  You will work with your counselor to make a individualize Employment Assistance plan, and it will detail in specifics how you will achieve your education and vocational goals.  Your plan will help you achieve your educational goals, and how you will use education and vocational efforts to find and keep the employment career you are aiming for.  It is designed to help you maintain and obtain employment, and to further your education.  Educational Vocational Funds can help you meet lifelong goals, and are valuable only if you know about them, and utilize them.




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