Exploring Berlin Germany

If you ever have to travel through Germany as part of your military travels, if you can take time to stop and tour Berlin. Berlin is a wonderful place, filled with history and with many things to see and do. The city of Berlin is the largest city in Germany, and is part of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall it has been a popular place for both tourists and visitors of all kinds.

The city of Berlin is well known for its history, but it features a lot of things that would interest Servicemembers who choose to visit. Besides its historical content, the city is known for its shopping and its wide and varied night life. It has many bars, inns, clubs and cafes. There are many different boutiques throughout Berlin that offer one of a kind opportunities in European shopping. The bombing in World War II caused a great deal of damage to the city itself. It has largely rebuilt and with it there is a wide variety of different types of buildings. The architecture is quite different from neighborhood to neighborhood. From the medieval type buildings near the Alexanderplatz, to the downtown steel and glass sleek modern structures located at Potsdamer Platz, there is a lot to see and explore.

One of the lesser-known facts about Berlin is how green it is. A river or a park takes up over sixty percent of the surface area in Berlin, and it has more bridges than a city known for its bridges, Venice, Italy.

If you like to walk and see things at a slower pace, Berlin is a good place to visit. There are hundreds of charming sections of streets, along its rivers, and cafes with ample places to sit and relax. Berlin is a place to go if you want a vacation at a slightly slower pace, and have the time to explore. It is a city with rich history, and a strong sense of its place in the world. Visiting Berlin is not something that you can do in a day, or perhaps in a weekend. To get the full value of a vacation in Berlin, Germany, you should set aside a week if possible, and allow for time to just explore, without a set destination.

The citizens are for the most part very friendly to Westerners, and you will find a visit to Berlin a one of a kind experience. You should definitely take a camera, and something to read while you explore, you will find a yen to sit and watch the life in Berlin pass by.




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