US Navy – Information Systems Tech

One of the exciting career fields available to you in the Navy involves work with computers. An Information Systems Technician conducts maintenance on one of the hundreds of desktop computers aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

The Navy Fleet consists of more than 300 ships and 4,100 aircraft, and each of them is outfitted with the most sophisticated computer hardware and software available today. Sailors in the computer field install, operate, and maintain the Navy’s high-tech systems in order to uphold everyday operations of the fleet, as well as promote national security.

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Often armed with highly classified and technical information, individuals in the computer field are focused on maintaining, operating, and repairing state-of-the-art computer and electronics equipment. As part of this occupational specialty, you might also:

* Evaluate intercepted radar signals to determine their origin
* Track surface and subsurface targets

* Operate underwater communications equipment
* Work with highly classified and technical material
* Provide technical and communications support to the fleet
* Collect and analyze electronic signals
* Perform preventive and corrective maintenance

Fields in information technology involve a high level of responsibility and maturity in dealing with highly technical systems and classified information. Individuals can receive broad Navy training in the operation, maintenance, and repair of complicated computers and electronics.




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