Become a Yeoman in the US Coast Guard

Just as in the civilian world, the military needs those who offer guidance. In the Coast Guard, those who offer such guidance are known as a Yeoman (YN). The function of the YN is to answer the persistent questions of the enlisted personnel in how to advance their careers and what career path is best suited to their skills and abilities. They can give you advice on the benefits you qualify for and the retirement options you have.

Types of Duty:
The locations which offer career opportunities for YNs include locations with enough enlisted personnel to support. Smaller locations will look to a central office for their YN while large cutters will employ a YN for the personnel onboard.
Yeoman Training:
There are three ways in which you can train to become a YN. You can complete the 6 week training program at Petaluma, CA. You can complete the “distance Learning” program which includes online courses. You can also complete on-the-job training. Once you have completed the training, you will earn a Third Class Petty Officer Rank.

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Qualifications :
You will have to be able to perform many different office tasks in order to properly perform the duties of a YN. These skills include the ability to use the Coast Guard Intranet as well as the internet to research issues. Computer skills including data entry, word-processing documents and spreadsheets are also integral to the role.
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