Army Improves Life For Young Soldier

Sgt. Garza Reaches Personal Goals And Betters Life For His Family Dominic Garza was in a hard situation.  He has two jobs, was working very hard for little money, and was married with a new baby girl.  He was not a high school graduate, and his prospects were rather bleak.  But on the advice of his aunt, a recent Army enlistee, he decided to join the Army.  He has not looked back since. Sergeant Garza is one of the successful soldiers who are touring America as part of the DoD program “Why We Serve”. “I knew it was time for something to change quick, and the Army was the answer for me,” said Sgt. Garza. “It provided me with structure and helped give me back focus on my key areas and aspects of life,” said Garza.  The program is in its sixth edition, and takes successful recent deployed soldiers from Afghanistan or Iraq and introduces them to the public.   These soldiers speak to service groups, community meetings, and civil and government leaders about their time in Iraq, and their experiences. The Army motivated Garza to go back and get his High School Diploma.  He then enlisted in the Army in the year 2003, and has not looked back since.  Garza has been on two different deployments to Iraq. “Life is filled with ups as well as downs, but this has been a great decision for me,” Garza said.  “My family is being well cared for, and we are living well, my wife and children are both secure and safe,” said Garza. Garza has welcomed a son into his family since his enlistment.  “I have absolutely no regrets, there is so much more to learn and different experiences left to me to become involved in,” stated Garza.




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