Joint Effort Provides Food And Clothing

Afghan Army Soldiers Assisted By Coalition Troops Kunar Province, Afghanistan There was a strong Afghan and U.S Coalition presence in Naray District while a successful food and supply mission was carried out on Thursday.  Both villagers and nomadic Afghans, called gojurs, were given food, water and supplies inside the village of Anchagal. The lead was taken by Afghanistan soldiers from the 3rd Kandak Armored, 3rd Brigade, and 201st ANA Corps.  They handed out clothing, water, food and supplies while U.S. Marines and coalition forces nearby provided security.  U.S. Navy and coalition forces also supplied mentoring and additional medical supplies and care. The mission and humanitarian effort was a direct result of requests by two members of Afghanistan’s government.  Hugi Gul Zaman, Naray District Sub governor, and Gulhar Jalal, Kunar district parliamentary representative requested the joint humanitarian effort.  Both officials were present and assisted in handing out supplies and food to about two hundred gojurs and villagers that assembled to receive the help. “Insurgents have been threatening our villagers, and gojurs in the area, they have been pushed from Nurestan province into our area here in Kunar,” said Gulhar Jalal. “Since I arrived I have seen things get a lot better for them here in Kunar,” said Jalal. “It is much better to help the Afghanistan people hand out the provisions and help them do it their way, than tell them how we do it,” said Marine Lieutenant Colonel James Werth.  Werth is Commander of ETT, 7-2.  “For them their way is superior, so we are intentionally low key, and in the background.  It has been very successful,” said Colonel Werth. Marines from Colonel Werth’s ETT unit helped with security and perimeter safety. Soldiers from 1st Squadron, 91st Airborne Calvary, and 173rd Airborne Brigade Support Battalion also helped out in the humanitarian effort.




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