Joint Provincial Center Model For Region

Medical And Emergency Services Coordinated At New Facility Niagara Province, Afghanistan With the goal of continually improving emergency services and emergency response in the region, the Joint Provincial Coordination Center in Jalalabad has been a new model of services in the Eastern Afghanistan region.  It has been key in coordination of efforts by Afghan emergency services, Afghan National and Regional Army and police forces, and U.S. and Coalition forces serving the area. Task Force Raptor soldiers meet each week with the representatives from the regional Law center, and exchange ideas, information and talk about what the needs of the community and citizens are in Afghanistan. There have been many small successes in the JPC Coordination center so far, but one has stood out in higher relief. Recently they have instituted a three digit emergency call number.  Based on the three digits 911 systems in the United States, the ability to dial 100 in the area is proving to be of great value. “Just like we do in the States, they can dial three numbers, 1-0-0 and get emergency medical or fire assistance in the Jalalabad area,” said Army 1st Lieutenant Jeff Reed. Lieutenant Reed is the Commander in charge of the Joint Provincial Coordination Center.  Reed is assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 173rd Special Troops Battalion. “Dialing this number they can talk to the Afghan National Police, and police, ambulances, fire and emergency services, or first responders can be dispatched,” said Lieutenant Reed. This is a program that shows the marked progress of Afghanistan toward becoming independent and responsible for its own infrastructure and government. “The people are pleased to be able to access a secure communications network,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jeffery Milhorn.  Milhorn is the Commander of Task Force Raptor and 173rd Special Troops Battalion.




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