Army National Guard Benefits

Joining the Army National Guard qualifies you to enjoy many different benefits. Below are just a few of the great benefits you will enjoy when you enlist:

Life Insurance – The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance plan offers $400,000 worth of coverage for a single service member. The $16.25 a month cost offers you protection all day every day. For those with families, there are also family plans available like the Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance plan. The amount of coverage you obtain will determine the cost you pay.

Veterans Administration Home Loans – Those looking to buy a home may qualify to obtain a low interest loan through this program. You will be able to obtain a home with little to no down payment required. This makes it possible for more service members to be able to obtain the home of their dreams while serving their country. Those who have served for more than six years or for 90 consecutive days may qualify for the VA Home Loan Insurance Program to protect your investment.

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Base Privileges – Because you will be a part of the United States military, you will enjoy the ability to shop and stay at many of the installations around the world. This includes shopping at the grocery stores and department stores at the bases around the world. Lodging is not available at all bases.

Guard Recruiting Assistance Program – You can achieve bonuses of $2,000 per recruit who reports to basic training after enlisting. This is extended to those who are prior service members who join a unit for a four month period.

TRICARE Reserve Select Health Care – TRICARE is made available to all enlisted personnel as a purchased package. It is offered to you as a part of the commitment from the government to the well being of all enlisted personnel and their families.

There are many more benefits to enlisting with the Army National Guard. To find out about all of the different benefits available to you, click above and get your information package today!




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