The Military Career as a Security Forces Officer in the Air National Guard

There are varied outstanding military careers today in all branches of the military. However, this one military career in Security Forces offers includes all modern day training and high tech resources. Check out this high demanding military career that may be the best yet that also provides civilian security after your military service and into your civilian life.

There may not be a more redeeming military career as the Security Forces officer that performs force protection duties. This military career serves duties that require the use of force, not to mention, the use of deadly force. This security career duty includes combat capability through the functions of installation security, nuclear and conventional weapon systems and resources security, air base defense, law enforcement, information security, military working dog activities, and combat arms training and maintenance.

Personnel in this career field will be deployed into sensitive or hostile environments created by terrorism, sabotage, nuclear, chemical, biological, or conventional warfare. Security Force members perform the military police function within the Air Force.

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Here are a few important military jobs of a Security Forces Officer:

*Controls and secures terrain on recognized military bases. *Defends personnel, equipment, and resources from enemy forces. *Operates high tech communications equipment, multi terrain motor vehicles, intrusion detection equipment, crew-served weapons, and many other specialized military equipment. *Protects secret nuclear and conventional weapons systems and other resources. Devolopes air base defense functions contributing to the force protection mission. *Medical pro that provides and responsible for life saving rescues, including CPR, and acts as a first responder to accident and disaster scenes.

This military career type is knowledgeable of mandatory weaponry, specific laws, directives, varied military programs, government policies, and many procedures governing security forces activities.

Other Important Security Forces duties may include: Installing security equipment
Weapon system and resource security
Anti-terrorism work
Law enforcement and investigations
Military working dog function
Air base defense
Armament and equipment training
Information security and combat arms.

Education is important for todays military career as a security forces officer. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in government, behavioral science, computer, and communicative skills is desirable.




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