Air National Guard – Satellite Systems

The Air National Guard has many different duties which are available. Working with Satellite Systems is just one of the rewarding career choices you can specialize in. Because of the nature of the work, it is recommended to have a high school education which includes algebra, geometry, physics and trigonometry.
The Responsibilities and duties you will be performing include:
– Using techniques for line-of-sight, communication satellites in orbit and tropospheric scatter systems. – Providing recommendations for maintenance procedures and how to improve the performance of equipment. – Ensures maximum performance in equipment by inspecting, tuning, adjusting, operating and aligning said equipment. This is done through routine overhauls, repairs, modifications and maintenance. – Inspects the printouts from equipment to determine if everything is operating properly. – Manages the activities for maintaining the satellite systems. – Constructs and maintains all systems which make up the components of the satellite systems which include recorders, transmitters, and computers. – Creates and performs different preventative maintenance for all systems to ensure their proper operation during usage. – Works with terminal communications systems and wideband systems including installation. – Implements improvements in performance of equipment and maintenance guidelines. – Ensures mission objectification by fulfilling the requirements of the mission in the satellite systems.
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The Air National Guard will train you in these different requirements which will help to springboard you into a career in similar fields in the private sector.




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