Military Support Vehicles Delivered

MNF Transition Command Supplies Forty-Five Wreckers And Trucks Al Muthana, Iraq The Iraqi Foreign Military Sales program was able to purchase a large numbers of trucks and auto wrecking vehicles for the Iraqi Army last week. Thirty-seven five-ton trucks, and eight individual auto-wrecking trucks were delivered. The program is one where the Iraqi government buys different defense related equipment from other countries.  This purchase was made from the United States. “This is a large and very complete order of equipment,” stated Lieutenant Colonel Keith Muschalek.  Colonel Muschalek is with the Multi National Security Transition Command, and is an Officer with the Foreign Military Sales Unit. “These wreckers were constructed in the United States, and all were made specially for the use of the Iraqi Army,” said Colonel Muschalek. The various logistical support type vehicles that make up the thirty seven-vehicle delivery have been staged in a warehouse over the last number of weeks, as they arrived.  Now that the last shipment of auto wrecker vehicles have been delivered, the entire order is ready to be handed over to the custody of the Iraqi Army. After receiving the order, it will be up to the Iraqi Minister of Defense to decide where and what number of the vehicles will go where.  As the Defense minister decides where to place and assign the new vehicles, they can be picked up by the Iraqi Army Units at the warehouse. “These new vehicles will add maneuverability and efficiency to our battlefield,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ali.  Colonel Ali is the Iraqi Army Colonel responsible for accepting delivery of the new vehicles.




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