Become a Marine Science Tech – Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard offers specialized careers which include working as a Marine Science Technician (MST). The work you will perform includes protecting the United States waterways from pollution, responding to hazardous material and diverting aquatic nuisance species. You will also maintain the security of the port and enforce safety regulations.
Working as an MST will require completion of an 8 week training program. The MST ‘A’ School in Yorktown, VA will teach you all the skills you will need to accomplish tasks which will be required of you. You will be charged with the responsibility of investigating and boarding vessels which originate from foreign countries. You will also assist in the security inspections of waterfront facilities. Investigations will also include all pollution and clean up efforts including oil and hazardous materials.
Working as an MST means you will be employed as a domestic vessel examiner. This will include the inspection of such vessels as passenger vessels, barges, liquefied gas carrying ships and cargo ships. You will also investigate such infringements on maritime law such as pollution and casualties.
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MSTs are also employed as port state control officers. This means you will be responsible for boarding and inspecting all vessels in domestic waters for infringement of any laws both domestic and international. You will also be responsible for the safety of the crew and the vessel itself.
Inspecting containers and harbor patrols are another role filled by an MST. These inspections assure safety for individuals and for the environment.
MSTs are called upon to fulfill maritime security roles. These include maintaining the security of waterfront facilities as well as vessels sailing under foreign flags.




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