2010 Navy Re-Enlistment Bonus

The Navy has announced its Selective Reenlistment Bonus(SRB) award levels for fiscal year 2010. More than 18,000 sailors in 179 “critical skills” will be eligible to receive bonuses of up to $90,000 in the upcoming fiscal year, according to the Chief of Naval Personnel.

The US Navy initially suspended the SRB program in June 2009, citing higher retention and funding limits. The SRB award levels for 2010 were effective as of October 1, 2009.

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The SRB Program provides the Navy the ability to stabilize their Naval Force by encouraging sailors with critical skills to stay in the Navy. Award levels are adjusted as retention needs dictate for particular crucial skills personnel.
Bonuses are determined by enlisted community managers and factor in the previous year’s reenlistment successes, prevailing market conditions, private sector competition and the cost of training and replacing sailors versus retaining existing sailors.




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