Many Reasons to Consider Joining the US Navy

Joining the Navy is an honor for many people, as they get the chance to work with many like-minded men and women who are ready to protect our shores at all costs. Many consider it a noble decision influenced by patriotism. However, some decide to join the Navy as a base for building a respectable career or as a substitute to college or studying at an university for a degree.

Many people join the Navy like any military branch for the medical benefits, college assistance and free travel. For me, it would be a shame to overlook the importance of free job training. Meaning this, do your homework and have a one-on-one talk session with yourself and first determine what you’d like to do as a career for the many years of life. Once you’ve figured that out, then research the military branches and determine which branch offers the most compelling training for your career goals. The key is to do your homework prior to speaking to a Navy recruiter or any other recruiter. Of course, this is my opinion. For whatever that is worth. So many raise their right hand and jump into any school. Don’t be that person. It’s your life and your career.

Employment in the navy is a full-time job, and offers higher pay in comparison to the other jobs in the market. It also provides the best promotions, with a rapid increase in salary. Promotions mainly depend upon the rank of the Navy personnel and the time he has spent in the navy. There are also some people who think of joining the Navy because they are eager to learn more about trade and also avail tremendous travel opportunities.

Apart from the regular pay and benefits, some recruits become eligible for cash bonus programs which depend on your level of education and the chosen field, like the ‘Montgomery G.I. Bill‘ and ‘Navy Tuition Assistance’. After retirement from the service, the Navy still provides assistance to you as a Navy veteran.




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