Villagers Grow To Trust Soldiers

Coalitions Forces Distribute Food And School Supplies Bayrk, Iraq Sometimes it is the smallest things that make an impact.  Soldiers who have worked diligently to secure the peace in the Fahama region are now able to focus their attention to rebuilding and assisting the local citizens with various projects. Recently at the local school, Soldiers from  Company D, 1st Platoon, 4th Infantry Division serving with the MND Baghdad helped make an impact.  They brought various supplies and passed them out to schoolchildren and their families.  Soldiers distributed pencils, pens, paper, Stuffed animals and backpacks to the eager children. One of the soldiers, Private First Class Dennis Romans is an Army driver.  He was pleased and honored to be part of the goodie handout, and thought that the children reminded him of scenes back home in the United States. “I was just happy to see them smile like that, I love children,” said PFC Romans. This is not the first time that the soldiers with the Silver Lion platoon have given out school supplies or food. “We try to make it an ongoing effort, toys, snacks, sometimes we have pens or school supplies to share,” said PFC Romans. It is small steps, but steps that nevertheless build trust, and foster goodwill between coalition soldiers and members of the community. “It certainly does help establish trust with the people here in our region,” said 1st Lieutenant Nick Piergallini.  Piergallini is 1st Platoon leader with 1-68th AR, Company D. In other efforts, the troops discovered a couple of local shop owners who may need mico-grants to help fix up their shops.  The storeowners expressed an interest, so talks with the Silver Lion platoon continue.




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