Going Green in the Navy

The US Navy is a great place for those concerned about the environment. This is because of the growing commitment of the US Navy to reduce usage of non-renewable resources. The US Navy is also doing its part to help in the production of renewable energy systems like biofuels. This is done in part to maintain US independence from foreign oil as well as to create jobs.

Independence Through Innovation

There are many different phases being introduced by the US Navy to help reduce the need for oil. These include initiatives to develop vessels which will run in part or in full on biofuels. This is an effort which will mean the creation of many different engines to handle the force necessary to power the vessels necessary. This includes aircraft as well as boats.

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Staying Number One

The United States has already emerged as having the most effective military force in the world. It is the goal of the US Navy to make sure the US military will help the United States in being the leader in environmental initiatives. This will include more focus placed on solar, oceanic, wind, hydrokinetic and geothermal methods of producing energy.

The US Navy needs your help to make these initiatives successful. It is time for you to take action in the war against waste and pollution. If you are serious about saving the world, it starts with getting the information you need about joining. You will find your place in the US military and will help to save the world for future generations.




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