Education Instructor Naval Careers

So you would like to become a teacher, and you think you might like to be an instructor in the Navy?  Well training and instruction is vital to the Naval mission.  With all the equipment, personnel, and state of the art electronics and machinery, having people to instruct, teach and train is a very important part of the Navy mission. Sometimes there are sailors and high-ranking personnel, that want to share their experiences, but they are not able to put it into a form that can be easily understood, or they need some help in shaping and grafting their presentation.  This is the type of duty as a Naval educator that you may have, helping others prepare for presentations and giving lectures, that helps showcase the talent and ability of other sailors for training and learning purposes. Serving as a Navy Educator or instructor can be a very variable experience.  With all the different type of ships, duty, and Navy missions, your training and teaching experiences could literally be as varied as any of the many different missions maintained and performed by the Navy.  As people learn, they are expected to be able to share and relate what they have learned to other sailors, to enrich the learning environment, and to aid in training. But sometimes these sailors need help to be able to do that.  Helping sailors with hands on training, lectures, group discussions and question and answer sessions could be one of your duties as a Naval Educator.  These types of training as well as standard formal classroom training are part of the duties of an Educational Navy Specialist. Part of your duties may include: -Assisting in career counseling or Navy Recruiting. -Instruct Navy personnel of policies, procedures, or safety requirements. -Supervise or oversee junior personnel in advancement and qualification requirements. -Provide advice, information, and assistance in any number or topics or discussion areas. -Provide formal classroom instruction in both traditional and non-traditional settings. -Assist in group training, hands on, and discussion group training sessions. Navy training to be one of its educators or instructors varies, but normally starts with formal instruction at one of its many classroom based training centers. You may receive additional advanced training in oral communication, presentation skills, and other training techniques. The U.S. Navy is always looking for personnel that can carry the training message to others.  If you have good oral and written skills, enjoy working with others, and are someone that has been successful in mentoring other people this may be the career path for you.




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