Air Force – Training in High Tech

Training is one of the most important parts of any soldiers career. The right training will help you to be the best soldier you can be. This is why the United States Air Force is using every tool at their disposal. The new high tech training methods make it possible to train you for you any situation while keeping you safe.

More Than Just a Video Game

The EST 2000 may look like a video game to some, but this is no game. It depicts real life situation Air Force Personnel may find themselves in during deployment. The scenario can be created where the locals are aware of their presence, or where they are operating under stealth. It uses a projector with up to 10 or 15 shooters.

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Increased Marksmanship

One of the big uses for the high tech training are to help soldiers feel out when they should shoot and when they should stay their hand. Protecting the lives of innocent people is a big part of your mission as a United States Air Force soldier. By learning how to stop yourself before you shoot an innocent person, you are able to better protect them.

The high tech training available is only going to increase over the years. The United States Air Force needs those interested in a high tech career in order to make sure all soldiers are trained correctly and you are able to get the career you have dreamed of.




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