Navy Seal Training – Hell Week

Being a Navy Seal is something many strive for, but few accomplish. The week is one of the toughest and most grueling training exercises in the military. There is no shock this week of training is known as Hell Week. The applicants are put through what can only be described as hell as they attempt to simply make it to the second part of the training.

Sleep Deprivation

The applicants are only allowed four hours of sleep while having to endure over 120 hours of training. The reason why the applicants are not allowed to sleep is because they may face these exact conditions when in combat. They may have to stay up for days and still keep sharp wits to stay alive.

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No Rest for the Weary

The Navy pushes each candidate to their limit. They are not allowed any breaks. If they take a break, they are chastised and told to ring the bell. Ringing the bell would be the last thing the applicant would ever do during their training as this signifies giving up and dropping out.

Those who are able to make it through hell week will tell you it is the hardest, yet most satisfying thing they have done in their lives. After going through something like this, you feel as if you have the ability to accomplish anything. The rest of the Seal training makes it where this is a fact.




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