Exploring Aviano Italy

We have a valuable and loyal NATO ally in the nation of Italy.  There are a great number of tourist locations that can be explored from the Aviano Air Base in Italy.  It is a destination in the Space Available network of military travel, and allows travel to Italy at the government’s expense.  As with all Space Available travel, you have to have patience and some time built in to be able to wait for available room to fly there. Aviano is an important NATO defense link and is also the most prestigious air base located south of the Alps Mountains. It is a very active Air Force hub, and undergoing a lot of reconstruction and remodeling. The village of Aviano is nearby, and the village is located to the north of the city of Pordenone.  Pordenone is about fifty thousand people in population and is located about nine miles from Aviano.  There are a lot of things to do both in Aviano and its neighbor, Pordenone. The temperatures in Italy are about what they are in much of the United States.   It ranges from a low of about twenty degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to around ninety degrees in the summertime.  There has been a U.S. presence in Aviano since 1945.  Following World War II the airfield at Aviano was reopened, the Pordenone airfield was badly damaged during World War II and never reopened.  Pordenone has a lot to explore.  It has a number of fairs, festivals and other attractions, which are held throughout the year, as well as some of this type of activity in Aviano itself. There are a number of sites in the nearby Alps for skiing and mountain climbing, and several other villages and cities within a few hours travel to explore.  The quality of life in Pordenone, and Aviano is quite.  Rich farmland is found, with a lot of different vineyards, orchards, and other produce that lends both an old world feel, as well as a pastoral quality to the scene.  A wide variety of exhibitions and markets operate year round, and showcase the local produce and wines quite well. Other locations include the cities of nearby Gorizia, the Castles and forts of Trieste (along the border of Slovenia), The roman ruins located at Grado, and the beaches to be found at Lignano.  Venice is located about fifty-three miles away, Florence about two hundred ten miles, and Rome about three hundred eighty miles distance. Few countries can equal the sights to be found in Italy.  The music, the literature, the history, the fashion, and the architecture and the art, it all serves for an excellent vacation experience.  It is truly worth designing a Space Available trip to Italy, and you will never regret the vacation opportunities.




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Can Americans retire in Aviano, Italy?

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hey Carol, not sure of your question. Obviously, Americans can retire wherever they want. Please clarify… thank you. lf

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Traveling space A end of august with our 4 kids to check out Italy/Aviano — do you recommend a car rental to get around and sight see? Wanted to “base” out of Aviano and see all we can for about 5 days….any other recommendations welcome, thanks — we did Ramstein last year and it was all super easy…..hoping the same for Italy.

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