Enlisted Energy and Power Specialties

Working in the Navy Power and Energy Field is a hands on career choice.   You may be assigned to any number of different types of duty, from shore-based assignments to any of the vessels on the sea or in the air that the U.S. Navy uses.  This is a career field that specializes in the distribution and generation of power, and maintaining these power systems.  You could work below the surface of the ocean, on land, in the air, or at sea in this specialty. There are a lot of different applications for energy and power specialists.  You may be assigned to help maintain and operate a steam catapult, one that is responsible for hurling seventy thousand pound aircraft off a flight deck.  Or you may be responsible for helping direct the energy received from the engines or reactors to push a ninety seven thousand ton aircraft carrier through the ocean. The machines and forces that do this type of work are maintained, operated and overseen by sailors in the Power and Energy specialties.  Working in this career field is one that is directly responsible for keeping the fleet mobile and moving from place to place.  Some of the duty or responsibilities you may have include: -Operating, maintaining and repairing the Gas Turbine engines. -Maintaining and operating steam generators. -Maintaining air dehydrators, air compressors, turning gear, pumps and control and engineering systems. -Assisting other crewmembers with Nuclear Power Generation. As a Power and Energy specialist, you may be tasked to maintain the alarm systems aboard ship.  Or you could be faced with being part of a repair crew making vital repairs to the propulsion system on board a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.  There are a great many systems, all of which you may have occasion to help work on or be responsible for repairing.  The need for trained skilled people in the Navy Power and Energy program is constant.  If you are a person with good science and math skills, if you work well with people, are goal oriented, and motivated this may be the field for you. There is an excellent opportunity for the motivated goal oriented individual in the Navy Power and Energy specialist field. The Navy is always looking for intelligent individuals to work as part of the energy and power field. The opportunity for placement in both the nuclear and traditional areas of the energy and power field is excellent.  The need for traditional trained specialists that can work on shipboard systems remains high, and qualified individuals may receive special incentive bonuses and be eligible for special duty pay in some situations.




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