Recession Busting Career in the Navy– Health Care Administrator

The United States Navy has many exciting careers for the Health Care professional. One of the many different jobs you can obtain in this field is working as a Navy Health Care Administrator. There are many rewarding responsibilities you can enjoy in this rewarding career. As an added benefit, should you decide to leave the Navy, you will have a career which is recession proof.

Job Description

The duties of the Health Care Administrator include managing the treatment of the personnel in your treatment facility. Whether you are stationed in a treatment facility within the United States or in facilities around the world, your guidance will ensure everything is running smoothly and those in your care are getting the help they need.

You can start your career as a Navy Health Care Administrator by clicking here!

Education Incentives

To help you get the education you will need to be a Navy Health Care Administrator, you can take advantage of two programs. Through the Navy Health Services Collegiate Program, you can qualify for up to $120,000. The program also includes housing allowances up to $5,000 for a period of up to 24 months. You can also take advantage of the Navy Health Professionals Loan Repayment Program. This program provides up to $40,000 to assist in the repayment of graduate school loans.

Whether you decide to stay in the United States Navy as a Health Care Administrator, you will earn the education you need to have a very rewarding career. Click on the link above to get yoru information today!




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