Recession Busting Career in the Marine Corps – Military Police

Every branch of the military has their own version of Military Police. The Military Police in the Marine Corps are said to be the toughest of the bunch. This is due in part to the training. Marine Corps MPs are expected to perform their duties in some of the harshest environments against some of the toughest trained soldiers in the world. It is no wonder the Marine Corps MP is one tough bunch.

Eligibility Requirements

To even qualify to work as a Marine Corp MP, there is a list of requirements. At the top of the list is the requirement to have at least a score of 100 or higher on your GT. You cannot have any criminal record other than minor misdemeanor traffic violations. You must also be able to obtain a secret security clearance and have the ability to see color. You will also have to meet specific physical requirements.

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Responsibilities on the Job

The majority of Marine Corps MPs will be in charge of patrol. This will include working within the base as well as securing the perimeters. The method of patrol will depend on your location. You may be patrolling on foot, in a jeep, boat or even a traditional cruiser. You will be expected to assist with traffic control and investigations among other criminal interventions.

Whether you decide to remain in the Marine Corps or return to the private sector, you will have the training to obtain a job which will last through any recession. No matter where in the world, there will be crime and there will be a need for qualified professionals to answer the call.




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