Army National Guard Careers – Transportation

Soldiers in the Army National Guard are always in need of someone to take them from one location to another. The transportation which is necessary in the military includes the movement of personnel and equipment. This involves many different kinds of transportation to traverse many kinds of terrain. It requires a specially trained individual to make sure everything gets to where it needs to be without complication.

The Many Different Specialties

Within the Army National Guard transportation division, there are many specialties which need to be filled. Here are a few of the many opportunities available to you: Railway Section Repairer Railway Equipment Repairer Railway Operations Crewmember Transportation Management Coordinator Watercraft Engineer Watercraft Operator Cargo Specialist Motor Transport Operator

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The training you will receive for your specialty will depend on what career you pursue. There are some fundamental requirements you will have to be trained in including Basic Combat Training. The basic training will last about 9 weeks while advanced training will last 6 weeks. You will also receive training on the job which will be essential to being able to complete your mission.

The skills you learn in a transportation related career in the United States Army National Guard will help to prepare you for a career in the military or in the civilian world. To get started on your path to being an expert in transportation, get your no obligation information package by clicking on the link above!




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