Religious Program Navy Specialist

There are a number of careers available in the Navy in support and other areas. Some people wish to serve their country, but would rather do so in areas that are not directly involved in security or active fighting against enemy forces.  One of the fields that it is possible to enter is the Religious Program Specialist career. A person who serves as a Navy Religious program specialist works with military chaplains in the Navy and at times with sister military services, to coordinate and facilitate with all the different religious type activities for their fellow soldiers.  They help provide clerical support, and security for staff and chaplains as they perform their duty in the religious field. A religious program occupational specialty provides support to Navy and Marine Corps Chaplains as they meet the needs of Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel and their families. The sailors assigned to this important job specialty help provide emotional, spiritual, moral and other support for people both inside and out of the fleet.  Their assistance and aid sometimes makes all the difference in giving guidance and support to Servicemembers and their families. This is a career field that is often underrated.  While not as well known or popular as some career specialties, it is one that deals directly with people, and their needs.  Keeping a cohesive unit and meeting operational readiness can be as simple as providing real genuine person-to-person support for Navy and related service personnel. Working conditions for people in this specialty may be on board a Navy vessel, a ship, aircraft carrier, or even a submarine.  You could be attached to a shore side unit at a large military base, or work as part of a Chaplain staff in a hospital setting.  Some of your duties and daily activities may include: -Maintain, operate and manage various religious facilities on ship or ashore. -Support and assist clergy of all faiths. -Schedule and arrange various military and civilian religious related activities. -Keep records; maintain files, and track different events for chaplains and military personnel. -Serve as an information and reference for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel regarding religious activities. The Religious Program specialist in the Navy is a specialty career that can be high profile.  If you are a self-starter, motivated, good with people, and enjoy helping people then you may be a person that would do well in this career field. You will be part of a specialty providing religious information, assistance and support, and also help provide security and personal protection for Clerics and military chaplains that you work with.




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Highly interested. Looking forward to talking to a recruiter and taking the next step in becoming a Religious person. Thank you.

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