See the World as a US Navy Cook

You may have heard the cliché about joining the military—you get to see the world! But in the Navy, they not only get to see the world, but they get to do it in a way that no other branch of the military gets to—by water. Click here to find out how your journey as a Navy cook begins by becoming a sailor first.

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The National Guard Needs Cooks, Too

Is the commitment to the Navy and all that travelling making you a little wary? Then join the National Guard instead. You can still become a cook but with a lesser commitment then the everyday life of a sailor in the US Navy. You still go through basic training, still acquire the job skills of a seasoned cook but your time commitment allows for a more open schedule while still giving you the benefits of being in the US military.

Get a Leading Advantage over Civilian Cooks

How is the life of a Navy or National Guard cook more advantageous than that of a civilian? It is because you will already have the training necessary to be a great cook or even a top-notch chef while not having to pay for culinary school. There are no unpaid apprenticeships or washing dishes in a snooty restaurant for months before being allowed to pick up a knife. You will be a cook or chef from day one due to your Navy days. Click here to find out how to take advantage of your military training in a civilian world.




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military dot image jose castillo    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

im highly intrested but i would deffinetly like to know more about it and know what sort of responsibilities would i have else than cooking. im only 20 years old but i want to learn more, grow more in my career and get to travel and see the world more than what i only know of it
if i could please recieve a information packet to learn more id appreciate it…. thank you

military dot image Kevern King    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am interesting of becoming a cook in the US Navy. could you please send me information via my email address? thanks

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