US Military Law Enforcement Training Flourishes

Becoming a law enforcement officer requires training, and an excellent way to receive that training is by joining the US Navy or the National Guard. The leadership and job skills you’ll learn in military law enforcement may help you land a civilian job or provide you with college credits toward your law enforcement degree.

Navy and National Guard Training and Job Duties

National Guard and naval law enforcement officers provide security and help prevent crime, as civilian police officers do. In the Navy or National Guard you will receive training to prepare you to conduct investigations, enforce regulations, operate prison facilities, handle military working dogs such as those used to find drugs or explosives, and become a security advisor. You may also help investigate crimes involving espionage, treason or terrorism. Your training will include basic military training, formal schooling and on-the-job law enforcement training. And many, many benefits… click here for more info!

Navy and National Guard Training in the Private Sector

The leadership and job skills you’ll learn in the US Navy or National Guard will serve you well as you look for a career in the private sector. You may qualify for a job as a police or corrections officer, a bail enforcement agent, or a federal law enforcement officer. You may also use your training to become a private investigator, or as transfer credits to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a law enforcement field. When opportunity knocks, only the go-getters will answer. Your future is knocking, click here to take action!

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