Get Paid to Capture History in the Making!

As a photographer in the US Military, you’ll be right there with those fighting in combat. Travel to the front lines where the action happens and take pictures of your fellow freedom defenders.  Your work could someday become standard in US History books or part of an incredible art exhibit, or even used in newspapers across the globe to show the world what’s happening.

Come with a Love for Photography, We’ll Do the Rest

Imagine your artistic eye being the lens the world sees major conflicts through. As a US Military photographer, that’s not just a dream, but a reality. US Military photographers are trained on state-of-the-art equipment to capture successful shots in high-pressure situations. You’ll be able to do what you love while defending the freedoms your country holds so dear.

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Your Photography Career Continues After the US Military

After serving in the US Military, you’ll be well trained in the art of photography. You’ll be able to apply for jobs at any major news source, magazines or even go into business for yourself. With the impressive portfolio you’ll amass as a US Military photographer (you may even already have some photos placed in major news sources by your discharge!), you’ll have no trouble finding work. In fact, the US Military will help guide you toward companies looking for US Military trained professionals. Click here to start yourself on the path to success today.

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I will turn 42 this May and I am wondering if I can still join the military as a photographer

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