Truck Driving Courses from the US Navy and National Guard

Upon entering the US Navy or National Guard, many recruits find themselves driving a truck as a part of their military job. Click Here to explore the numerous opportunities available for truck drivers through the Navy, National Guard, Army and other branches of the US military. Duties of the military truck driver include the transport of personnel and equipment from one place to another over various types of terrain, during different types of conditions and into many different situations.

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US Navy and National Guard Job Description

After enlisting in the US Navy or National Guard, new recruits receive an initial 9 weeks of basic combat training, then receive an additional 6 weeks of specialized training in the use of military transport vehicles. Offering several different job opportunities, military truck drivers are in high demand. Much of the US Navy or National Guard truck driver’s jobs will require the individual to be able to read and follow written directions as they haul equipment, cargo or personnel to their intended destinations.

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 US Military Training Has its Advantages

For a civilian to obtain a job as a truck driver, he must find someone, usually a truck driver training school, to train him in the use of large transport vehicles and help prepare him to take the CDL test. US Navy and National Guards transitioning to civilian life have a definite advantage over their civilian counterparts because they enter the workplace with extensive training and hands on experience. Click here to get started!

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LOLWUT? Military training has it’s advantage? Boot camp lasts for how long? Yea, what training. Here’s a gun and some grenades, go have some fun.

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