Marine Corps Corrections Specialist

One of the most interesting positions in the Marine Corps is the Corrections Specialist.  It is a sub MOS of the Military Police and Correctional field, and helps the Commander of their unit by enforcing and upholding the law.  They are responsible to help suppress and prevent crime.  As part of the broader Military police area, they are responsible for assisting in:

-Preserving military order and Control.

-Assessing and providing a military posture.

-Suppressing and preventing crime against military personnel.

-Investigation and reporting on crimes and offenses.

-Quelling and preventing disturbances.

-Assisting in maintaining order at military installations.

As part of a subset MOS, the Correctional specialist in the Marine Corps also has additional duties assigned to him/her.  They are responsible for supervising and providing security for confined and restrained personnel. Some of these personnel can be in prisons, having been convicted of a crime in court or courts martial. Others may be awaiting trial and are in lock up until their trial. Marine Corps Military Correctional specialists work to provide twenty-four hour control and supervision of daily activities at various Navy and Marine Corps Facilities.  They are responsible for conditions at Naval and Marine Brigs, Correctional Custody Units, and other jail and military prisons.  Corrections specialists in the Marine Corps process personnel for release, and for confinement, they transport and guard prisoners, they pursue deserters and absentees without leave; they restrain and apprehend escaped prisoners, and perform various other correctional duties.

Correctional Marine Specialists work with personal property and prisoner funds, and they observe, report and document changes and meaningful infractions of behavior, and report on these issues to their commands. Training for Marine Corps Corrections specialists begins with Basic Combat Training. Corrections specialists then attend the Corrections Marine Corps Specialist Course at Lockland AFB in Texas. They must have attained a ASVAB GT section score of 100 or higher, and be a minimum of nineteen years of age. Candidates for Corrections Specialist should be mature, slow to anger, and detail oriented.

You should not have any Court Martial or civilian court convictions, and no past non-judicial punishments.  Your record should be clean of arrests, with no history of drug or illegal activity, and no trace of any crimes involving moral turpitude.  In addition you should have no civil court record that resulted in confinement.  If you meet these basic requirements, and think that a career in the Military Police or Military Marine Corps Corrections is for you, then you should schedule a visit with your local recruiter.




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What ASVAB score do you have to have to qualify for a corrections specialist position?

military dot image PFC Ramey    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

You will have to score a gt score of 100 or above to get into the field. But just be aware that you may get the job as an mp but you may not get 5831a which is military police corrections.

military dot image wil    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

is it hard to get this MOS?

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#6 is pretty cool. German treckad combat vehicles. L to R: Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled artillery gun, Leopard 2 main battle tank, and a Marder armored personnel carrier. I know, I’m a nerd. #25 is pretty awesome too.

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